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About Us

Peracha Ventures bring an idea of smart investing in the game changing startups. We design dreams to come alive in reality. We work only on those startups; which have 99.9 % success rate in future. And while doing so, not only we help our clients identifying interesting ideas, we also work on longer timeline projects in areas with limited access to entrepreneur training and education.



Success Deals


Ingenious Startups

Reshaping the concept of Investment in Technology

Hotest Startups

Get access to the hotest startups which will lead around the globe in coming future.

Highly secured

We have designed an utterly secure process for startups and investors both.

Brilliant Models

We create complete strategies and business models to attract investments.

Guarantee Profit

We forward deals of profitable projects rather with equity or complete ownership.

Our Story

We build smart startups with guarantee that if you will not invest in it still you will be using these in the future. We are redefining the digital age by empowering the smartest creative designers, developers & idea makers with the technology to create and distribute premium content. We take best of tech industry & give them platform to find business personals whom can not only invest but become CEOs of those technologies.
Peracha Ventures is one of the fastest growing Venture Capital with distinct media and digital brands. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. In order to survive, most business heads have no choice but to innovate. But they find it hard, and risky. They have vision but they have no innovating ideas thereby roughly 90% of innovation business ideas fail.
Each year, we choose to work on 4 to 15 startup ideas, which will not bring change in technology world but become guarantee to gain more from that innovating idea, not only wealth but stratification as well. Peracha Ventures works in the automobile, digital media publishing, fashion and health sectors; we choose carefully the profitable and useful startup ideas to create them as big business names for the future of technology.