Frequently Asked Questions

What will Perach.ORG companies receive?

One of the purposes of Peracha.ORG is to help companies obtain access to manage money, mentors, and markets. Startups may receive the legal advice to manage their money and start a business and next are the mentors, which experience has proven to be by far the most valuable asset for the participating entrepreneurs. As the program proceeds mentors and entrepreneurs will form valuable relationships and open up their list of personal contacts to expose them to new clients.
Peracha.ORG has teamed up with technical service providers to help Peracha.ORG companies launch. They include Movement for Rule of Law, Appease Apex and Perch Association. Startups have flexibility to work from their home or office space. However, since many of the events will be hosted on location it will be very advantageous to make the best use of your private office space (there are minimum requirements for face time at the office).

What is the “Demo Day” at Perach.ORG?

The purpose of Peracha.ORG is to work with companies that will change the world. If your idea won’t radically change the way that we live and play within eight years, then it is likely that your idea might not need angel or venture funding. Peracha.ORG helps its participants strategize and network to acquire sales, develop the product, build an excellent business plan, and secure funding.
The Demo Day occurs in September of every year where mentors will meet with Peracha.ORG participants and guide them to the next level.

What types of companies will Peracha.Org work with?

All of our investor-mentors work with selected companies, which will be technology-related, with a particular emphasis on software for the web and mobile devices.

I have been running my company for a year, can I still apply?

Yes. Many companies accepted into the program have done significant product development work or have launched an early version of their product. While you may be past the prototype stage, we will help you scale your business, connect to customers and market partners, obtain funding, and overcome other obstacles to growth.

When building my team, what do I need to consider?

It is important to remember that Peracha.Org places most of its emphasis on the qualification of team members over the idea. We prefer to mentor an “A” team with a “B” idea as opposed to a “B” team with an “A” idea. The better your idea, the easier it will be to find qualified team members. We encourage you to be selective in your process and perform a fair amount of due diligence researching your team members.

What if I am a solo founder?

It is important to remember that Peracha.Org will not mentor in a soloist; it is even better when there are two or more full-time individuals on your team.
While there may be some individuals on your team that are part-time, founders are required to commit full time. When selecting your co-founders be sure to find out what distractions may exist in their life as it may slow down your efforts.
Last, too many entrepreneurs approach us with tech ideas and yet do not have programming skills. As such, we expect that you have a software engineer (who is the chief “coder”) on your team with at least 20% equity to insure that he/she has incentive to see it through.


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